Anthony and Janet Shape Futures in Jordan

Janet and Anthony McMeiken from the Gilesgate, Durham hair salon have just returned from a fulfilling trip to Jordan where they shared their skills with disadvantaged young people.

For the first time, the team worked with the Princess Taghrid Institute in Amman, Jordan, to teach 22 young people the art of hairdressing in order for them to secure a job and earn a living.

All 22 students took part in a finale hairdressing show to prospective employers and press to showcase their new skills and talent to secure an apprenticeship within the industry.

“This year’s programme was completely incredible,” says Anthony. “The facilities were amazing which meant we all got so much more out of the learning. The students were so eager and willing to learn which makes the whole experience even more rewarding.”

Janet, who is an ambassador for the programme, adds, “This year’s trip has been like no other. It was really enjoyable, the volunteers were fantastic and the Princess Taghrid Institute was fabulous.

“The students are always keen to learn which makes the whole experience very worthwhile.

“Although sad and difficult at times, we really pulled together as a team to give these young adults the best learning experience possible. We met some incredible young students and they’ve got a really successful career ahead of them!”