hair removal

Waxing and Electrolysis

Hair-free is care-free! We don’t know what it is, but our clients always tell us that they feel so much better after they’ve had their unwanted body hair removed.

We offer an array of waxing services at Janet Maitland, but we’re also the place to come for electrolysis for permanent hair removal in Durham.


We use Australian bodycare products that not only heal but also maintain naturally clean and healthy skin and hair. While the distinctive scent of Tea Tree Oil disappears quickly, the antiseptic effect continues to protect skin.

Our therapists are highly experienced and committed to making your waxing appointment as pain-free as possible, with results that last as long as your hair growth allows.

Half Leg: £16.00
Lip or Chin: £9.00
Full Leg: £22.00
Lip and Chin: £14.00
Full Leg and Bikini: £31.00
Eyebrow: £9.00
Bikini: £12.50
Back or Chest: £25.00


Want to permanently get rid of those unwanted hairs, then we are your must-visit salon for electrolysis in Durham.

Electrolysis is a tried and tested hair removal method that is the only way to permanently remove hair of any colour from any skin tone.

You’ll need a complimentary consultation first so we can discuss your needs and whether electrolysis is the right option for you.

Electrolysis (15 minutes):  £15
Electrolysis (30 minutes): £30